RangeVision Spectrum
RangeVision Spectrum

Universal High Resolution
3D Scanner

A multipurpose, high-resolution 3D scanner that combines the technical capabilities of professional 3D scanners with the availability of a desktop solution.

Maximum features and a wide range of tasks to be solved for a minimum cost.

  • Scanner of consistently high resolution and accuracy

  • Best price for a semi-professional solution

  • Portable and compact

  • Universal 3D scanner for miniature, medium and large objects

  • Our bestseller

One scanner - a wide range of features

Choose and customize the scanner capabilities for your challenge

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Extensive features with stable scanning accuracy

Variable scanning zones

Set up FOVs to professionally digitize objects of various shapes and sizes: small, medium or large.

Scanning texture

Two 3.1 MP industrial colour cameras capture the texture and fine details of an object, creating a detailed colour textured 3D model

Accuracy and detail

The scanning module with precise cameras can create 3D models with an accuracy of up to 0.04 mm and a 3D resolution of up to 0.06 mm.

Three scanning modes
For convenient work with different types of objects

Choose the right mode for your needs

  • Scanning on a rotary table

    Quick and easy 3D scanning of an object on a rotary table platform. When an object is rotated, its model fragments are combined automatically.

  • Scanning with markers

    Automatic alignment of model fragments is based on markers applied to an object surface. Used to improve 3D scanning accuracy. Supports an external photogrammetry system.

  • Scanning in basic mode

    Used for 3D scanning of objects that cannot be digitized the other way, e.g. museum exhibits. Model fragments obtained from different angles are combined according to the features of the object surface geometry.


Automatic turntable comes with the scanner

  • Automation and speed improvement
  • Turntable diameter 20 cm
  • Turntable load capacity up to 20 kg

3D scanning of objects from 1 cm to 3 m

  • Small size
  • Medium size
  • Large size


Recommended for educational programs and institutions

Suitable for

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Colleges, technical schools
  • Special educational platforms
  • Laboratories and research institutes
  • Robotics and additive technologies classes

Ideal for the competence of "Additive manufacturing"

  • It is included in the infrastructure lists of special programs WorldSkills, Abilympics, etc.
  • The technical specifications fully comply with the parameters specified in the equipment requirements
  • Meets all the requirements for 3D scanners in education

Balanced solution for education

Our special solution for education has a set of advantages:

  • Multilanguage user-friendly software easy to learn
  • All the functions of a professional 3D scanner for specialist training
  • English-language online support

Order Spectrum for educational purposes

Spectrum is convenient to work with

Smart calibration for your objects

  • Manual calibration
  • A set of calibration fields included for each zone

ScanCenter NG - Multilingual professional software

  • Specially designed for fast processing of scan results
  • Online support and regular software updates

Extensive 3D model processing capabilities

  • Automatic and manual alignment by markers and without markers
  • Holes filling
  • Object surfaces smoothing
  • 3D model simplification
  • Mesh defects correction
  • Automatic removal of small artifacts and noise
  • Other professional functions of RV 3D Studio software

Export your 3D model to other software for further processing

ScanCenter NG allows you to export 3D models in the most popular formats: STL, OBJ, PLY.

The function of importing CAD files in the universal STEP format with automatic grid triangulation ensures the connection of RV 3D Studio 3D modeling systems.

Mobility and portability

Low weight (only 2 kilograms) and miniature dimensions provide easy transportation and assembly. A protective case ensures the scanner's safety.

Equipped with everything you need for work

  • Scanning module with cameras and LED projector
  • Automatic turntable up to 20 kg load capacity
  • Set of cables and a power cable
  • Tripod
  • Professional software with updates and support
  • Set of aluminium calibration plates
  • Set of self-adhesive markers

Package of the standard kit can be changed. Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

Examples of 3D models

Technical specifications

Scanning technology 

structured light


1280 х 800

FOV size, mm




Working distance, m




Accuracy, mcm up to




3D resolution, mm up to




Object size

from 1 cm to 3 m

Ability to capture texture


Cameras resolution

3.1 MP

Modes alignment

by markers, by geometry

3D mesh formats


Power source for scanner


Minimum computer requirements 

Intel Core i5 6500 or better, 8 GB RAM


HDMI, 2xUSB 2.0

USB 2.0 for a rotary table

Supported OS

Windows 8.1/10/11 64bit

Rotary table


Platform table diameter

20 cm

Max rotary table load capacity

20 kg / 44 lb

Power source for rotary table

220 V – 12V/1A

Case dimensions

530х430х200 mm


1.65 kg/ 3.64 lb

Full package in case weight

8.5 kg/17.6 lb




1 year

Note: Product design may differ from the photos on the website.

They trust us

User Reviews

David Wohanka

We have considered different scanners for reverse engineering and prototyping but we chose Spectrum because it is one of the best offers on market by price to performance ratio. We really liked the ability to work with markers and changeable scanning zones. We can use Spectrum to scan different objects, including those with complex geometry. Perhaps we can agree that Spectrum is three scanners in one.

Lukáš Mlynář
Project manager

We specialize in creating visualizations. Spectrum is ideally suited for these purposes: resolution, accuracy, the ability to scan in color - everything fully meets our needs. We can use it both in the office and on site (we often cooperate with museums and it is much easier to scan on their territory than to transport the exhibits to our office). We really liked that the scanner comes with everything you need to work in different modes - it seriously saved our budget.

Where to buy

If you are looking for a distributor to purchase the scanner, check out our list of reliable resellers. They pass through several stages of training and control. These people are professionals in 3D scanning.

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